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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Becoming HER

I didn’t envy HER. I was afraid of HER. Sure, I’d seen her myself, with my own two eyes-she wasn’t a myth. At the speed of light-zooming past me, she was almost always a blur. You could feel the air whiz by as she flew past. When she slowed down long enough for you to catch a glance, she didn’t really look like you thought she would , at least she didn’t to me. (where was HER cape and HER super cool boots?). HER hair was usually up, HER clothes almost always stained, HER ability to grocery shop, wrangle critters, and not skip a beat was amazing. She was amazing to watch. I am of course speaking of the SUPERMOM! Chances are you’ve bumped into HER on one of HER many errands. Flying by with kiddos in tow, HER ears are detuned-she can tell the difference between cries-she often annoys those that don’t have kids, because she can grocery shop, go to the bank, be in any public place-and not be at all phased by HER children’s screams and shrieks! She can do the dishes with one child on HER hip, the other flinging objects at HER and the phone on HER shoulder. There should be an Olympic competition for all that she does.

It wasn’t until I had Lucy that I felt that I was cape worthy. Sure, friends told me prior to that, that I did an unsurmountable amount of tasks in one day. But, with the addition of Lucy-I now become worthy of HER acceptance. She slows down long enough to smile at me in the grocery store, wave at me on walks, and grin at the sounds of me bribing the kids with something to get them to settle down. I am becoming HER-or maybe I already am. I find myself zooming in the grocery store so fast that there is a tornado of air swirling behind me, I all of the sudden have "shopping cart radar"-I know when Peyton puts something in the cart just by the sheer weight of the cart (if I wasn’t becoming HER, how else could I sense that a 1 pound package of Gogurt made it’s way into an already 75 pound shopping cart?). No one really envies HER, but they admire HER. She has the ability to not just leap tall buildings in a single bound, but do so while carrying one child on HER hip, cooking four different dinners and answering questions like "How do you become an angel?".

I am honored to receive HER recognition. HER smile is like a secret handshake. She knows, she understands. Like our mother’s and their mother’s and their mother’s mothers-we are all cape worthy! If you aren’t HER yet, just wait-it will happen. It’s like waking up to a pimple on your face, one day it’s just there-no sign of it even coming. BAM! You are HER!

If you were once HER, you can understand. If you are becoming HER, you have NO idea what you’re in store for. If you are HER, take pride in knowing you are in fact a superhero!!


At 10:55 AM, Blogger HBelle said...

you are definitely HER! shine on supermom!!! xoxohan


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