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Thursday, March 02, 2006

AADD-Adult Attention Deprivation Disorder

I am starved....I mean FAMISHED for adult interaction. I will speak to any grown up and am tickled when someone engages in conversation with me. It can be anything from a trip to the grocery store and helping an elderly man find the soup isle to running out to the mailbox as the mail lady pulls up. She thinks I am anxiously awaiting some reality I just want to talk to a grown up! That being said, I admit I spend a great deal of time on the phone. Many of my conversations aren’t actual conversations, they are time spent listening to friends discipline and praise their children (while I do the same)-holding an actual conversation is near impossible. Sure, we get in the, "So, what are you all up to today?" bit- but overall, I think we find comfort in hearing one another interact with our children and knowing that there is a grown up waiting in the wings should we want to say something that has more then 3 syllables and is remotely intelligent. As my husband heads out to work and takes his motorcycle-I bid him farewell in a sing songy-"Beeee Carefulllllll!"-as though he were Peyton going to our neighbors to play. I catch myself on several occasions using this this point I can’t help it. The words come out and it’s simply too late. Will I ever speak normal again-without the sing songy tone? I use made up words that only my children, not even my husband knows. "Do you need your ooter changed?" I ask Lucy...."Did you poot?".......where does this come from? How do we come up with these things? "Come here zsa zsa"-I say to Lucy, or "Let’s go chachi" (NO! I am not referring to her as Zsa Zsa Gabor or Chachi from Happy Days)-these are just words that I use and they come out of my mouth before I even have time to process them. HELP! I want to have an intelligent conversation over coffee, lunch with a friend and not be tempted to tell them to, "Eat their num nums"or be on the verge of asking my husband (upon seeing a band-aide on his finger), "How’d you get that bobo"-not a boo boo, but a bobo. Am I too far gone? Is there hope for me? I think I will gradually make my way back to normalcy (whatever that is). Until then I will be home changing Chachi’s pooty ooters and bandaging bobo’s.


At 5:49 PM, Blogger LD said...

You really sound too good to be true. A little too cool for me!
You could do a lot of good for us stay at home moms! Bloggings best kept secret if you ask me.
I can't tell you how I enjoy your writing.
As for the kids, as long as they are busy and quiet, let them bounce whatever, where ever! Enjoy the moments peace.


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