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Monday, March 27, 2006

All Systems a Go-Go

At 10:30 am yesterday, I could be found flying around the house like a chicken with my head chopped off. It was to be a day of ME! I had my appointment at the spa at noon. I flew out the door at 10:45 and didn’t look back, I feared if I did I wouldn’t go. I have never left the kiddos all day and feared for not only them, but the survival of my husband and niece who were watching them. I found myself sailing down the highway at 65mph, blasting the Ramones in my husbands pick up truck......that’s when it hit me! I was alone.......ALONE! I felt this horrible pang of guilt......would they all be okay? Would my husband remember all the tricks I told him that morning to keep Lucy in check? “If all else fails.....a warm bath or a trip into Peyton’s room usually calms her” I shouted at him while hopping in his truck. I willed myself to keep driving.....they’ll be fine I tried to convince myself. I arrived at my appointment 2 minutes early-I sat patiently......the girl behind the counter wasn’t the little bird I had spoken to on the phone-her voice was of the non-chirpy variety. YEAH! I was called back.....first the facial (skipped the glycolic peel)-it was bliss, the girl was great-however we talked about my kiddos non-stop, which didn’t allow me to let go competely....but it was still incredible. But then.....OH, but then.....after the facial I was wisked off by Ana for my hot stone treatment. BLISS! I was so relaxed I bet I barely had a pulse.......sweet silence.......I was taken outta my tired body and placed somewhere far, far away. Unfortunately, it had to end (as all great things do). Then I ran off to hunt down a cuppa coffee-this found me in the shopping center where I was to meet husband, niece and my darlings for an early dinner. I got there super early, grabbed a coffee at the bookstore and located some new books for Peyton (he now takes gifts as a sign that you are thinking of him, I couldn’t disappoint). After dinner-my next excursion took place. My niece and I went to go see the GO-GO’S ! ARGH!!!!!!! I have been walking around the house for days singing Go-Go songs. The tickets were part of my anniversary present from my husband.........I was skeptical that he could handle the darlings for the evening-and was nervous of what I would find when we arrived home from the concert......but I WAS GOING TO SEE THE GO-GO’S!!!! They were awesome! From one song to the next....I was screaming and jumping around......even shared a beer with my niece-so this is what it was like......a day to myself......for fun....mommy time. As we pulled up to the house at about midnight, I feared the carnage I might find inside.....I glanced in the front window.....Peyton was crashed on the couch, so far so good. We quietly crept inside......tip toed around, hmmm-where were Lucy and hubby.......sound asleep in Peyton’s bed! He did it! He pulled it off! The kids survived a full day without mom! The good news is that I have a renewed confidence in my husband’s child caring capabilities......the bad news (for him is), now that I know he can hold down the fort.......I WANT MORE MOMMY TIME!!!!


At 3:58 PM, Blogger LD said...

Kuddos to the husband.
Mine is still in training.
Your time sounds like it was well spent.
I think you just gave me an idea of what to ask for for the next special occasion.


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