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Thursday, March 09, 2006

And the angels sang.......

Little did he know what he was in store for. My husbands friend phoned the other night while my husband was out of town. I answered the phone and explained that he was out of town and would be back late that night. He made the HUGE mistake of asking how I am doing (bless his sweet sweet heart). I should say that he has an almost two year old himself, so there is some understanding there. Off I flew...full force. Hey, he asked, right? When I explained that Peyton had bronchitis and pink eye in both eyes.....and that I hadn’t slept a wink since hubby left 2 days ago.......and Lucy has to have eyes glued on her or she will jump off the couch like she were stage-diving into a mosh pit-only no one would be there to catch came! The words I’d been starving for, from a man that is. I sat speechless as he acknowledged all I do. "You are the ONLY person I know that never gets a do this all day and all night without a moment to yourself! I mean it...I don’t know how you do it!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......I heard the angels sing. Amen, brother! It’s not that my husband doesn’t acknowledge what I’s just that he himself is beat down and exhausted....sometimes he can’t even acknowledge that little elves DON’T come and bathe our the laundry.....and make dinner. I felt a sense of accomplishment.......I was getting recognized for what I was doing.......placing my passions on hold to child rear. It’s not that I don’t love what I do....I do....but I also need to feel appreciated. I think any stay at home parent DESERVES this. No....we don’t leave the kiddos and house all day to go to work and mingle with adults and lunch with co-workers, I know there is stress in being the sole breadwinner-no question about it. But, we are left to eat leftover grilled cheese crusts and Cheerios off the floor, while singing kiddie tunes and being climbed on like a jungle gym......ALL DAY. I felt relieved having had this said to me......and I think he enjoyed the conversation-as he laughed at every word that came out of my mouth. I actually felt like a grown up.......and a funny one. I hadn’t completely lost it, although I was mighty close! The conversation ended when I saw that is was 10pm and Peyton had crept out of his bed and made his way to the couch..... I declared, "Well, Peyton has snuck out of bed let me go strangle him.....I mean wrangle him back into bed!" We got off the phone.......I ushered the boy back into bed.......wherein Peyton uttered the words all parents fear...."I hate you!"....I was still soaring from my conversation-even those hurtful words didn’t scathe me, because it was now out there.........I am appreciated-my household appreciates me, however the appreciation gets lost under the piles of toys, drawings or it gets shoved under the couch where any human should fear to tread......"I love you babe", I said to Peyton after his mean comment-and I floated off to the living room.


At 9:51 AM, Blogger LD said...

Too funny. Today the cashier at wal-mart said, "boy you must have your hands full." Well, this was my opportunity. With a long line behind me, I let er rip. Let me tell you.....Suddenly all those little things just piled one on top of anther and let it spill out. Poor thing, she couldn't run away or leave she was a captivated audience.LITERALLY. As I left I thought, "I AM SO PATHETIC."
Vent when you have the opportunity. It doesnt't come often.


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