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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Confessions of Mommy Masochism

Yes.....we all know them. I am one.....I have friends that, yourself might be one and not even know it. We take on more then we can chew and do so willingly. Being that we live where we do, I never really got Peyton into Gymboree or other activities as a small babe. We went to the park, went to the library and filled our days with other activities. Let me say that today tee-ball has started, however practice started over a week ago and I am learning that I am in fact a self induced mommy masochist. My Monday evenings find me at Tae Kwan Do and tee-ball, with an hour in between to cram dinner down our throats. This all began after Pre-K testing at Peyton’s school. I met with his teacher to go over his results. As I sat there going over his scores, his teacher informed me that we NEED to get his gross motor skills caught up with his fine motor skills. The kid was in the top 10% for his age group in everything, but his gross motor skills. This being said, I should inform that he is the kid that role plays at the park instead of running and jumping like most others. He would rather be a Power Ranger on a secret mission then dangle from the monkey bars where he might break his neck. He has always been cautious, at first I thought I DID this to him. "OH! Be careful baby!" I would shout if I thought he would hurt himself on the jungle wonder why he still loves the baby swing-I convinced him this would be the safest place on the park.....rather then the evil slide! Should I have done things differently? First came Tae Kwan Do-it teaches self discipline, which we lack a bit of. We have this each Monday and Thursday evening, easy enough. Basketball, while a brief season-only 6 weeks-nearly killed me along with Tae Kwan Do (practice every Wednesday night from 6-7 and games at 9am on Saturday). I can hardly handle one thing......why try and do two? Why? Because all the moms I spoke with agreed that 2 sports was imperative (and their children didn’t lack in gross motor skills)-so basketball ended and now tee-ball has begun! This morning found me up at 6:30am rushing around like someone lit a fire under my arse! Throwing things around, tee ball pants...belt...cleats....hat.....the pay off? He looked far too cute in the get up! The other pay off? My child throwing Tae Kwan Do punches at me as I tell him to smile for his pictures! Joy! Bliss! Opening ceremonies start in 30 minutes and the baby is crying at my feet and Peyton is having a fit because his cleats keep coming untied! In reality, all of this is small potatoes........but for right now it is making me want to go on strike! Can I do that?
At open house at school this week, Peyton’s teacher informed that she sees major growth in his gross motor skills....he is less reserved on the playground, running and jumping. Pleased that there has been growth, I quickly snuck my arm around and patted myself on the back-and then I waited.....surely she would ask how I was doing.....right? He’s in 2 sports....2x a week with Tae Kwan Do and 3x a week in tee ball......I sat there anticipating the question....."And how are you doing mom?" But it never came......I left disappointed. So, I will tell you how I am doing......spent, no-make that SPENT! I have a pain in my back that feels like someone has me in a bear hug. Tee ball might just finish me off......this should be fun, right? It’s not.....
I am screaming at the kids.....flying around on my broom.....and asking myself why am I doing this. His gross motor skills? No, I think one sport could help with that.....or we could turn his computer off and get him outside in the yard more.....but NO! Instead I resort to mommy masochism.......bring it on baby.....thrill another sport, throw it my way! I dare ya!
The game is now over and we are home.......-two hours later. After hugs and apologies with my sweet boy-the TRUE pay off was the look on his face after bolting off of third base and hitting boy scored! Setting my mommy masochism aside...I will do what-ever, matter how torturous just to see that smile running to home base!


At 4:28 AM, Blogger LD said...

This is GREAT. Not what your going through, but this past September gone through the same thing with my daughter Payton as she entered kindergarten. She was fine tested good, but her teacher informed us that motor skills needed improvement. A week later we were running around between soccer practice and karate. Next month tee ball starts. She is the kind of girl who is very creative and loves to draw and dress up. When it comes to the playground she much rather chase butterflies than slide and climb. Ater months of kindergarten and gym class twice a week she is just fine. Teachers can get caught up in the "diagnosis" part if they are not careful. Being an ex-teacher I see the new crop of graduates beginning their careers and eagerly over agonizing the classic textbook guidelines. I have my own opinions that I won't bore you with. IT GETS BETTER! Don't sweat the small potatoes.
Good Luck.


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