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Saturday, March 25, 2006

A little birdie told me........

The options are endless. I am stumped. For Christmas I received a gift certificate for the spa....or rather the "SPAHHHHHHH". I haven’t used my time yet when I was rewarded with more spa time for my birthday. I was scheduled to go in last Sunday, but have been ill-so I am now rescheduled for this Sunday. When I called to reschedule I vacillated about the services I was scheduled for.....I went back and forth. ARGH! The girl on the phone kept offering suggestions, this only frustrated me.....she had no clue what this stressed out, exhausted, stay at home mama could possibly need. With Lucy screaming bloody murder in the background-the girl placed me on hold-I then realized that she was placing Lucy on hold, not me. When she came back she eagerly and far too enthusiastically piped in with..."Soooooo, have we decided yet?"-Grrr.....I wanted to scream, "STOP RUSHING ME!" instead I politely said, "Do you hear this screaming? This is why I am coming to the spa....this is a long awaited doesn’t happen very often.....I just want to make sure I get it right".........great, she made me lose focus! hour Massage.....oooooooooh, the Seaweed Body Masque. No......wait! Hold the phone........"THE HOT STONE MASSAGE!" I blurted out with Lucy’s enthusiasm every-time she sees Dora. "And what else...." chirped the little bird on the phone. EEEK! Okay....think, think, think.....I am tapping my forehead like Winnie the Pooh does when he forgets what he was trying to remember. I wanted to try new services.....things I have never had done (I may regret this later....but for now, I am living on the edge baby!)........."A European facial........AND A GLYCOLIC PEEL".......I shout out....I’m not sure why I chose this...maybe it’ll peel away my old self and reveal a new, beautiful, invigorated me! Birdie chirps back...."We only recommend the peel in series of 6-you won’t get the full benefit from just one treatment".......tempted to ask her if she also babysat and would she mind watching my cuties so that my skin could reap the full benefits of 6 Glycolic Peel treatments over the next 6 weeks.......I politely said, "Oh......well then...." and began (LOUDLY) flipping the pages to my little spa booklet. Upon hearing the pages turn she chirped into the phone, "You can speak with the esthetician once you get here....I’ll just schedule you and you can always change the service if you decide to......" This satisfied both of us and we hung up. Going to the spa is supposed to be a relaxing experience.....for me, it can be stressful-at least initially. I am out of place.....I don’t feel comfortable for about the first 15-20 minutes. I am not someone who goes all the time......I go a couple of times a year, bless my dear husbands heart for buying me gift certificates (and sometimes scheduling the appointment for me). I feel like I stick out among the usual crowd that go and get pampered every week........."OH...I need a massage sooooo badly, carrying around my miniature Chihuahua has hurt my back!"......GAG! I really don’t feel welcome there......almost takes me back to high would be like going to sit with the cheerleaders and surfers at lunch........not very comfortable. In the end....I go! I enjoy it! I leave wanting to skip out the doors.....singing a little diddy. I do hope the little birdie that annoyed, oooops-I mean helped me on the phone isn’t there. Of course, thanks to my MSTM (mommy short-term memory), I don’t remember birdies name.......although I am SURE she remembers mine!


At 8:12 AM, Blogger HBelle said...

HOT STONE MASSAGE??? sign me up!! hope you had a wonderful day, hon... you've earned it!!


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