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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Marco......He sleeps with the fishes!

Every day has some type of drama. There can’t just be a day where there is peace.....calm. Last night there was pandemonium.....Peyton’s beloved teddy bear, affectionately named Teddy was missing! Now, we have had this dilemma before and the case has been easily solved. Some way Teddy has found his way deep under the sheets or gotten lodged between the foot-board and the mattress. Not the case this time. Teddy was nowhere to be found. An APB (all points bulletin) was ordered, and with Lucy asleep and Peyton laying awake in bed whining, "I just can’t go to sleep without Teddy".......detective Jeremy and I set off on our manhunt (errrr......bear hunt). Under the bed......the black hole called my computer desk......sheets torn off the stone, no pillow, no hamster left un-turned in this house. We hunted high and low........I even looked in the fridge in case Lucy decided he needed to cool off. There was no trace of his sweet Beanie Baby ass! I made a pit stop in Peyton’s room to wander aimlessly when Peyton whimpered....."What if we’ve been burglarized?"....of course while recounting this story to a dear friend on the phone this morning I had to inform her that I had to fight the urge to say..."Peyton, don’t you mean BEAR-glarized?" For the life of me and my exhausted husband.....the bear was gone! Peyton finally fell asleep as the search was winding down. This morning he awoke and declared that Teddy was in bed with him.....convinced that Jeremy found him and placed him lovingly in bed with an asleep Peyton, I went in to make the bed. Hmmmm......NO TEDDY! I scratched my head and called to Peyton who came running like a bat out of hell......"What mom?"......."Might you have dreamed that Teddy was back because he’s not in bed?" Sure enough the look on his face implied this just might have been the case. Fear set in........the search began with Peyton shouting, "Okay mom......let’s split up!" And then he persisted in following me around from room to room. I finally told him that I am a better detective when I work off I went. I had had it.......he wasn’t here.....his pudgy little bean stuffed body wandered off. I thought of one more place......of course thinking to myself-"’ll be here......such an obvious place".....and sure as shit there he sat. Obviously when Peyton went to brush his teeth yesterday morning he set him on a stack of towels, wherein our dear friend Teddy fell to the floor and sat all alone between the towels and the bath tub. Now......I am left with today’s drama.......can I convince Peyton that his sweet little goldfish somehow got the lid off of his tank and jumped two feet into the kitchen sink? I thought of telling him that his fish had died and then have him partake in some type of fish funeral where he could deliver the eulogy-but then I opted out.......scooped him up-bid him adieu (well, I actually said, "Marco, you have been a good fish may you live long and prosper in fish heaven").......then FLUSH! And then of course checked (and double checked) to make sure he stayed down......wouldn’t that be traumatic, if the little dude went in to pee and Marco was staring back......that could require years of therapy! I don’t know if I can keep these shenanigans up for the next......hmmmm, 18 years!


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