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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Memory Lane

In an attempt to exercise I am going to take a jog down memory lane. It is amazing to me how certain smells can take us back to a time and place.......we feel things we felt at the time. How wonderful (and yet scarey) the mind can be. Finesse shampoo and conditioner will forever remind me of junior high. All my friends and I used it on our feathered Farrah Fawcett locks. If you passed by us sitting on the wall outside of school you would receive a Finesse buzz......I can’t even crack a bottle of this memory maker without thinking of this time and place. On trips to the grocery store I will crack a bottle and take a whiff just to take myself back to this time in my life. The scent of nail polish and polish remover take me back to going to the hair salon with my mother. I would sit at one of the nail tables and paint my nails......or for grins the girls at the salon would do my hair and then try and calm me down when I finally saw myself in the mirror and began crying. Mom always walked in there looking beautiful, but she glowed when she walked out. Maybe some of it was the pungent smell that she breathed in for the 3 hours she was there mixed with the glass of wine they had served her......I don’t know, but whatever it was-she was radiant. Tuna fish will forever remind me of my grandmother. After school I would go to her house where she would make the most divine batch of tuna....the perfect amount of tuna, mayo, seasoning, celery and love. You could taste the love in her tuna fish sandwiches! There we would sit on her couch, eating tuna fish sandwiches and grapes and watching her soaps. As I child I loved the feeling of being near her-as an adult I love the fact that I can still remember this feeling. With this feeling also comes the feeling of maturity.....reaching the age where she would allow me to walk down the hall of her apartment building and enter THE ROOM! The garbage room that didn’t smell like garbage, but it had a distinct odor of it’s own. I would push the heavy door open, the light switch never kind of flickered in all its florescent lighting glory.....I would pull the garbage chute door down, drop the bag inside and run for my life as if I were being chased by an pack of angry heart still palpitates thinking about it. Sometimes it not just smells, but actual things that remind us. Izod sweaters will forever remind me of grandpa-bless his sweet, sweet heart-he had more Izod sweaters then Mr. Roger’s. I remember my mom, aunts and grandmother always commenting on which colors looked best on him. I think he ate sloppily so that they would get stained-this way he always knew what his girls (grandma included) would get him for the holidays and his birthday. I have one of his sweaters and think of him every time I open my closet and see it hanging there......stained, just as it should be. I can’t see a Corvette without thinking of my stepfather.......a new one-an old one, it doesn’t matter-my mind goes right to Jack. Jack believed that the car you drove reflected the person you were......and Jack was undoubtedly a Corvette! I can’t see a Zebra pattern without thinking of my brother Jeff’s teenage bedroom. Maybe it wasn’t actually as bad as it seems in my head, but I remember it looking as though a herd of Zebra were skinned and used to decorate this room. I wasn’t allowed in there, but remember peeking in the cracked door and witnessing it in all its Zebra-ness. I should state that this was the mid 1970's-so Zebra was quite acceptable for a teenage boy. I need to ask my sister-in-law if she gets taken back to his old bedroom when she sees Zebra print. Maybe it was the Zebra print that seduced her?
Well....I think I have gotten enough exercise for today. Time to go and create some memories with my own little critters!


At 7:00 PM, Blogger helene said...

going down memory lane w/ you

Do you remember the
Pembroke Bazaar?
What was the name of that ice cream store we always walked to by your old house?
Miss those times
Lvoe H

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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