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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The on-going going-ons

Okay...okay.......I admit it! I am guilty! Lock my ass up and throw away the key. I know you are all guilty of this as well (maybe not Blog related), but definitely in other forms. It’s kind of like when you see someone you haven’t seen in a while and you say, "Oh, I’ll call you next week and we can get together for lunch"........a week turns into two weeks and two weeks turn into a month and a month turns into months. get the picture.....kind of? You mean to make the phone call, but OOOOOPS! Suddenly it feels like too much time has passed and it feels awkward.....that is how I feel about this post. And so, I apologize......It was been WAY too long.
There has been tons going on......we survived Puke-fest 2006 (thankfully it only lasted a few days, but rendered us all immobile and landed Lucy in the hospital). Peyton graduated from Pre-K (WHOA WHOA!). Lucy is putting words together to make 2 word phrases. Her affection for Spongebob has grown to an almost scarey point. Anything Spongebob that she sees at the store gets lovingly toted around with her shrieking, "Monga...Monga"-complete strangers look to me for an explanation. We have a new addition to our humble home-a 9 week old dwarf hamster Peyton lovingly named Sparky and then changed to Peanut. We gave in after him asking 1 million times if he could have a hamster. I decided to press my luck, seeing as I don’t have enough critters to keep alive-2 kiddos, 2 cats, a goldfish (won at the carnival 14 weeks ago), a small tank of sea monkeys (which I fear are breeding....can they do that?), and now Sparky/Peanut. He seems like a nice enough little critter.....doesn’t mind being handled, doesn’t mind Lucy’s big face shrieking every time she sees him (I can only imagine what she must look like to him)-so far so good......he seems more adjusted then the rest of us. Having Lucy is like living with a small puppy-she needs constant watching.....she is trying to potty train (which is GREAT)-however she insists on having her diaper off and streaks throughout the house....all fine and good, but when she can’t make it to the potty-I have to wipe up her little puddles. Toilet paper must be completely out of her sight, she will climb Mt. Everest to rip off a small piece to stick in the potty or her mouth-it just depends on her mood at the time. Peyton is reading and putting words together...he’s writing the way words sound which is so damn cute......well, with the exception of last night! Pissed at me because I finally made him the cheese and spinach quesadilla he kept asking me for (we are trying to eat healthier)-once the plate was on the table and he saw the green peeking out from the inside he got upset! Grabbed a piece of paper and wrote: BIG AS HOL.....
Yes....I think he was calling me a BIG ASSHOLE because I made him eat it! Okay...I admit taunting him a bit....sometimes I just can’t help it. When they take a bite and make the notorious poop face it’s like they are an open target. I couldn’t help put pipe up and say....."What’s with the face......are you eating some poop you found in the yard?" I think it made matters worse and that was what the cryptic letter he wrote was regarding. There are other tauntings that go on around here...that I claim to have started. When Peyton acts up I speak in a shrill English accent and declare, "I am Mother Summer, I control all the fun and not so fun things you do this Summer!" When he pipes up and says she doesn’t really exist, I declare...."Is that a chance you are willing to take?" He asks me to be Zombie Mommy with such zest and enthusiasm that I can’t resist! Arms straight out...legs stiff, glassy eyed look on my face I stomp around the house....he screams and runs from me-afraid that I am no longer myself he shouts, "Stop it mom....MOM!".....I eventually give in, but well after he has asked me to return to my REAL form (which isn’t that far off from Zombie Mommy!) He likes to be scared, but also likes to control the situation and declare when enough is enough.......I usually carry it on a bit longer, I JUST CAN’T HELP IT! And we are! Pretty much up to date, minus some small details.
Time to go feed the hamster, the kids, the cats, the fish and the sea one will be left behind on my watch! (Okay.....I admit to wanting to starve his sea monkeys! Don’t go calling PETA on me-they are JUST sea had a better idea......just flush them! Thanks that’s what happened to all of our fish?)


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